Enable/disable a particular row

Hi all,

I have modified and added few few fields in PDSMrcRestricted list form as per specification.

Zip/Postal code,city,county and Zip/postalGroup this group field is newly auto generated field.

I want to block zip code,city,county fields for user selection if group field is enabled & viceversa.

I wrote a code on modified method of control if else and allow edit .

But only 1 posssibilty occurs for entire record created next.

Please help.

I am trying to write on active method of datasource,the client restarts.

You asked in two different forum. I’m not going to discuss in both places - please choose which one you prefer.

Please discuss it here

modified() method is a wrong place - I assume you want to apply your logic even if you don’t modify anything (e.g. you just open the form) and individually for each record.

active() is what you need - when you switch to a record, you look at its data and decide which fields you should be enabled.

I can’t comment on your problem in active(), because I you didn’t tell us anything about it. Make sure that the form is compiled and debug the code to see where it crashes.

hey Martin,

i tried everything finally it worked when I had created one common method in form level and called it in modify method and active method both.

So can you tell us what bug you have there, so others can learn from it?

It’s irrelevant whether you put code directly into active() or into another method called from active().