Empty/None/Null on Value Implementation for Enum with Interface

Hello Technical People,

I am wondering when implementing an Interface in an Enum, if there is a way to have 1 value with no implementation?

The problem is whenever an Enum implements an interface then all the Enum’s values should have an implementation or a DefaultImplementation on the Enum level.

For example, in the below Enum I have the following values.

  1. “None”
  2. “Invoice”
  3. “Credit Memo”
  4. “Shipment”
  5. “Receipt”

The first value “None” should not have any interface implementation since it just means nothing is selected. Is there a way to accomplish that?

Or are we still missing this option in the “Implementation” syntax?

Why do you need the “None” value? Unless it would be the default implementation, then leave it out.

Hi Erik,

it is the default value.

I thought about doing a shell codeunit, that is a codeunit that implements the interface with no logic and assign it to None but I am hoping for a better way to just ignore/cancel the implementation on a specific value.