Employee Portal - Using 'No Initial Request'


I have a site on sharepoint for jobs.

  1. Search for a job

  2. Job Card with a button to show Job Tasks

  3. Job Task List

I would like the Job Card and the Job Task List to be minimized until it is activated using either the search or pressing the button.

I have tried to check the ‘No Initial Request’, but when I do that, the Group and Web Part Request’ is set back to default.

Why is that.

Kind regards


I don’t have the technical know-how to say why, but with my use of the EP, I cannot view the result of a search in a list without the list showing some results first. I have searches for Vendors, among others, with the card of the vendor linked to the list. The only way to get a result is to search, view the search result in the list, then view the card. I have the card set to ‘no initial request’. A bit round-about, but that is what can work.

(BTW I am using the EP with Nav 4.0 SP1, so it is not the latest version.)