Employee master data, bank data for vendors


I’d like to ask you how we can create employee master data in Navision
4.0. Is it a special group account in vendor master data, or maybe
another way?

I also would like to know is it possible to create dictionary/list with
bank master data (name, address) used in process of creation vendor master data?

Marcin Pitera

Hi Marcin,

This is based on Version 4

Employee’s are setup within the Human Resources Section.

Regarding Vendor Bank Accounts, if you go to the vendor card, then go to Vendor Button then select Bank Accounts. Here you can enter all the necessary bank accounts. From that screen you can display a list of bank accounts by clicking on the Bank Acc. button then List.

Hope this helps.



Thank you for help with the employees.

About bank data in vendor master data. Is it possible to create list of banks (like in the field Country in vendor data), and add this list to the field in vendor master data and then choose one from the list.
Cause now it works as you said, I had to enter bank name manually and I would like to choose from list of all banks.


I can’t see any reason why not, as to how much work that would be I am not sure, as I am on the consultancy side not the development side.

Over to the developers…



Shouldnt take long