EMI Calculation


Is there any way of calculating EMI in Navision.


EMI is a british music company. Could you please be more precise in your question?


EMI is Equated Monthly Installment

The formula for calculation of EMI given the loan, term and interest rate is:

EMI = (p*r) (1+r)^n

(1+r)^n - 1

p = principal (amount of loan), r = rate of interest per instalment period, i.e., if interest is 12% p.a. r = 1, n = no. of instalments in the tenure, ^ denotes whole to the power. Alternatively, the reader can use `Calculate EMI function’ in EXCEL spread sheet.

That now makes more sense.
I doubt that there is a standard function to calculate this.
In which situation would you like the system to calculate this?

Similar to Bank Loan, My client is an Small Financial Institiution Where the lend money to people.

As you know the formula under this function, you can create a supplemental CodeUnit and implement it there for calling whenever you need it.

PS For that you’ll need Dev license, but, if you have a “client”, I suppose you are a Partner, so no problems here…

PPS I could’t find in Excel finacial functions such one (EMI), there were similar by logic, but not with such name…