Emailing from AX 2009

Hello all,

I am using AX 2009 and I want to be able to send email AX doucments such as inventory reprots, purchase order form or invoice, sales order form or invoice etc from within AX.

I am trying to get information as to how to integrate the email system in AX environment so my user does not have to save the document from AX and send it using Outlook as an attachment.

I can not find a specific document to guide me on this. Can anyone suggest me the required steps? I would greatly appreciate your help.


Hi Bishnu

I can tell you where all you need to do setup. but how exactly it work I have not tried.

First make sure outlook is installed in your system.

Than in Admnistration module you have to configure your outlook.

You also might need to setup AIF in Administration for some tables like COA . Check for Administration Module document and you can set up that.

Reports you can send without AIF setup also Go to any report. Print it as e-mail. give sendor id and CC if you want , give report format and send it. It might give some message if you have not configured your inbox. proceed ok with that


Rajesh Kumar S

AIF is nothing to do with the sending the emails from AX.

In the basic module complete the Outlook setup wizard and try to send the reports as emails.

r u Rajesh kumar sharma from SAG??

Yes who is this anthony joseph?


Rajesh Sharma

  1. Outlook express installation should be there on your system

  2. Run microsoft outlook express setup wizard on Basic module

  3. Generating report and print setting as send as mail