Email Templates Ax 2009

Hi Guys, I am new to Ax 2009 and is in need of help. Currently i have been assigned the duty of creating email templates but having a hard time finding the correct sytnax /process of merging data into the Email template

Microsoft have provided the basic information but is not helpful in terms of the initial setup.

I want to merge data feilds from an Purchase Requisition but dont know how to

  1. How do i set the merge data fields ? ie %PurchaseOrderName% = what data field name ?

any help would be great

Can anyone provide an example of an XSLT style sheet for an entity in Ax 2009 ?

Hi Tay,

Pls go through the link

it would be helpful for you to create.



Thanks Ansar

The merge-data overview is what i am having trouble with

How do i define them ? are they part of the Alert message or the actual Purchase order table ?

%subject% is defined where ?