Email setup for eCommerce Portal?

I’m trying to get the email system on my Navision eCommerce Portal server to work. I’m not really even sure where to start. I test the email by creating and sending a user password via email to their specified email address. Unfortunately that isn’t working out at all. There are no errors raised, though I don’t really know where to look for those errors other than assuming they’re popup windows. I’ve checked the “No. of Unprocessable Email Messages” box and its always zero. I know that the portal runs in tandem with Commerce Server, but I’m not really sure what I should be configuring in there if anything at all. So if anybody has some ideas about where to go from here it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Max Indelicato

Hi Max I am also facing exactly same problem. Did you get any solution of your problem? Please let me know how can this be solved. Thanks, Rakesh

First the eMail Client (outlook express) must be on the NAS Server. There are a few steps how to install a running eMail system with Navision. Ask your NSC about the instruction description. For that we do not have to type it again in this forum :wink: