Email address and subject for order confirmation report

Hello i’m new in AX Customization, i need help here, maybe you can give me some tips and codes.

in Sales Order Confirmation, i want to put the SO(Shown in image 1) and the Email of the Customer(Shown in image 1) in the Fields in the Opened Form (Shown in image 2)

Image 1

Image 2

Subject: put SO in it
To: put Email (i saw the email on : LogisticsElectronicAddress.Locator)

now, i’m new in x++ coding so i need some code tips and where to put it? maybe you can help me, thank you.

link is also posted in Microsoft AX Forum :…/186695

Hi Ren, please never forget to attach a tag with your version of AX. It’s extremely important.

Regarding the address, you can use print management, possibly together with e-mail tokens (if supported by your AX version).

Setting the subject dynamically would require a customization. Use emailSubject() method of SRSPrintDestinationSettings class. (Here you can see an example of setting print destination in code, but don’t forget about print management. If you set the value too early, it will be overwritten from print management.)