Elimination while consolidation in AX 2009

Hi Friends

Can anyone help me regarding elimination entries during consolidation.

My scenario is

company A - Ledger Account Balance (Sales) = Rs .10000

Company B- Ledger Account Balance (Sales) = Rs. 15000 (Rs. 5000 sales is made to company A)

I Created a consolidated company C which after consolidation shows total of Rs. 25000

But since Company B has intercompany sales of Rs. 5000. I want to eliminate this 5000

In consolidatation company I want Ledger account Balance (Sales) = 20000.

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Hi Rajesh Kumar,

To eliminate internal transaction. You have to set up the elimination rules.

General ledger > Setup > Posting > Ledger elimination rule

When you run consolidate

General ledger > Periodic > Consolidate > Consolidation, Online.

You have to select the elimination rule in tab Elimination ( should be Proposal post instead of Posting).

After running that proccess The system will automatically generate the elimination transacion . You can inquiry and check it before posting.

I had created Self-study document. If you want i can share with you. Don’t hesitate to contact me by email



AX consultant -Tectura Vietnam

Hello Rabia,

Is there a way you can send your self-study document to the email address below:

bshrestha@fractech.net I am needing help to process elimination journal entry but I am not able to create lines.

Thanks in advance for your help.

If your self-study document is still available, could I trouble you for it, please.

Thank you.

Hi Rabia,

Can you please send in your self study document to vamsi.praneeth@hotmail.com? Would be really helpful.

Hi Rabia,

Can you please send the self - study document, if you have to this Email Id : itsharshain@gmail.com .

And also can you please explain if AX 2009 has the capability to handle consolidation for mulit company and multi currency transactions when the subsidaires are into different business domains, example, one subsidary is in to Real estate business and other subsidiary is into manufacturing industry. and if there chart of accounts are different or if same.



Hi Rabia,

Can you please share your self study document on mail . My mail id is dhananjay.vyavahare@gmail.com

Please share it ASAP.

thanks in advance