Eliminating Duplicate PO's in Order Entry Process

We do order entry from multiple locations. Occassionally, we have had a problem with entering the same purchase order in Sales Orders from different locations. The only way we have found to prevent this is to manually go into open Orders and Posted Invoices to check to see if the PO number already exists. I would like to have the system warn me if the same PO# is used for the same customer. Is there any system set-up that could be changed to accomplish this? If not, could the order entry form be modified so it applies this logic? If not, what would be required to accomplish the above goal of eliminating duplicate PO’s? Thanks in advance for your help. Ted Krueger

Are you manually entering the Purchase Order #? Have you considered using the automatic numbering available starting with version 2.0? Diana Burton Beck Consulting, Inc.

Diana, The purchase order to which I am referring is the customer PO# that is used by our customers to place their orders with us. We enter this number into the sales order (which is automatically numbered). If the customer wants to expedite or cancel an order, this is the number by which they refer to their order. The problem that we run into is that some customers send the PO to more than one of our locations or send more than one copy. There is no way to see if we are duplicating a customer order except by manually checking to see if the customer’s PO already exists in our system. I was hoping there was some way to set the system up or modify it to notify us if we try to enter the same customer order twice. Thanks Ted

Ted, Now I understand your dilemma. I’m not aware of anything in standard Navision that would handle this issue. I was able to modify the Sales Posting Routine to use the same logic that is used in Accounts Payable. On the A/P side, at the time of posting, the system checks the “external” document number field to see if the same number has been used before. If it has, Navision returns a message that the document number has already been used. It seems like it would be pretty straight forward to copy this code over the to A/R side, but I’m wondering if this would help you or not, since it sounds like you want the system to check before posting time? If you need the system to check earlier, I would think it could be modified - I’m just not sure how to do it. Diana Burton Beck Consulting, Inc. Edited by - Diana on 9/7/00 11:27:38 PM

Diana, thanks for your response. As you surmised, I am trying to check on the front end so we don’t duplicate the sales orders or plan errant production orders for the parts. I would like it to give a warning message to the order entry person similar to the “stock out” or “credit limit” messages that are displayed. Ted

This would be very easy to put in at the time of entering the data in the field. If it has been done somewhere before in Navision is easy to replicate it somewhere else. Craig Bradney Project Manager - Technical Navision Solutions & Services Deloitte Growth Solutions Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu P:+61-2-9322-7796 F:+61-2-9322-7502 E:craig_bradney@deloitte.com.au

Craig, Thanks. I don’t believe our license permits me to change (copy or duplicate)the code. Is it possible to accomplish without changing the code. I can change tables, reports, dataports and forms. Is the functionality to invoke the warning message done in the code or on the form? Ted

I have done this on the purchasing side. It required changes to the OnValidate triggers on the Purchase Header (Pay-to Vendor No. and Vendor Invoice No. fields) table to check for duplicate vendor invoice numbers. You need to check against the External Document No. field in the vendor ledger and the Vendor Invoice No. field in the purchase header. It would be very easy to replicate this on the sales order side of the system; but you will need access to the code on the Sales Header.

We have a similar problem with receiving a “master po” from our customers for multiple ship-to’s via EDI. Occasionally, one of our customers will resend a PO (so much for the benefits of EDI) and needed a duplicate PO check similar to yours. Our NSC was able to do a small mod to the OnValidate trigger and this took care of the problem. Yes you’ll have to have your NSC do it; but you have to weigh an hour or two of their time against the potential cost of a dup PO…