Electronic Signature on Sales Order and Purchase Order

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Is it possible to attached electronic signature on Sales Order and Purchase Order documents? The signature will be printed based on the USERID.

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You mean like a bmp of the user’s autograph?

Yes, it’s to print user’s autograph on the documents.

How is NAV handling to this request?

Thanks - ZB

Well first you’ll need to create a field to store the bmp, and the User Setup table would be my first choice. This would work the same way that the logo field in the company information table works, so that’s where you can look for inspiration how to exactly do this. Then, to display a bmp in a report, you add a PictureBox control into the section that you want to display the signature. Set the SourceExpr to the new field. All you need to do now is to make sure that the report gets the right User Setup record, and don’t forget to do a CALCFIELD on the picture, otherwise it won’t show anything. Take a look at report 206 in a standard Cronus database for an example of how the company logo is displayed.

How do you control/program the system to give the User an option to whether or not displaying their signature on the documents?

Add a boolean in request form and display the value in signature box based upon used input in this boolean.

If he/ she doesn’t want to display the signature, then signature image should not be displayed.

I see.

How do you store the signature into the table? Import ?

Yes Import.

You may take Company Information table as an example, where logo is imported in form 1

or Item Table as an example where item picture is imported using Item Card form’s link.

Did you even look at the logo in company information, like I suggested?

Daniel and Dhan

Thank you very much for your helps. I really appreciate it.


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