Electronic Archives from Navision

Looking for a solution to store (read only) Electronic Archives from Navision Financials. Our servers are located in Copenhagen - a part of our company in Helsinki. Finnish legislation says that we need to save a (read only) archive local, we need archive from our G/L posts - Sales Invoice and Sales Credit Memos - Report of Finance Entries per day. They should be readable outside Financials. Any good idea’s? [:)]

How about printing reports to PDF files using one of the inexpensive PDF generators? Read only and readable outside Financials and minimal effort and searchable.

Thanks, great idea - why didn’t we think about that?! We tried a lot of solutions, but the files were to big to open again, this works!!

David, Can you please tell me more about these inexpensive PDF generators?

Here’s links for Adobe, here you can find everything about the PDF generators… nice stuff! http://www.adobe.com http://www.adobe.dk

Hej Rikke, I do know about Adobe and their PDF Writer - been using it for years - but Adobe ends up beeing a very expensive solution, you must pay USD 250 per license (and you must install buy a license for each time you install it!). So alternative and inexpensive PDF generators could be a huge cost saver - even if you got a volume license agreement. Often the only part you need is the generator or what Adobe calls the PDF Writer.

Take a look at these low cost options: http://site4.pdf995.com/download.html www.iteksoft.com www.pdfzone.com/products/software/toolinfo_create.html http://downloads.zdnet.co.uk/downloads/detail/1002-2116-10135980.html www.amyuni.com www.win2pdf.com www.pdfmailer.com www.fineprint.com There are others as well. I haven’t used any of these products myself so cannot recommend one over the others, but amyuni and fineprint looked the most interesting to me. Do a search on this forum on PDF and you will find some pertinent discussions.

Hi Erik - sorry, I was “sleeping in class”… We use several adobe products, and have these Company standards that we have to follow…

I used the pdf-generator from www.amyuni.com in a project about two years ago. It works very well, the pdf-properties can be set from within Navision (Automation) and the pricing is reasonable.