either target name is incorrect or the server rejected the credentials

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i am facing a problem on a client, whenever i try to log in to RTC 2009 , i get the error message saying “either target name is incorrec or the server rejected the credentials” . what may be the solutions for this i have tried resetting the password of the user in the domain but still it gives the same error.



Is ClientServicesCredentialType same in server config file and client user settings?

i have used clientcredentialtype in customsettings as “Windows” and “UserName” in clientusersettings. but i dont think this has created the problem because there are other users in which NAV login is no problem…



Did you try by keeping both same?

Yes some of the users have the same settings and some have different settings but still they can log into the same DB… please find the attached snapshots. this is the error i have been getting for particular user. but other users can login with same settings like this user

2043.error while loging to RTC.png

Did you add the user in RTC with proper authentication…

Deleted the user from the domain and then from sql and created it again. i am not sure that if this the actual solution for this problem. but it worked.

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Will deleting my user from the domain and SQL erase my entire profile allocated to me and access rights in NAV since my userid is being erased from the domain.