EDT Relation

HI All

i need small help regarding Lookups,I.e By using the edt relation in 2012…My prob is am following all the process ,But in my form goto viewDetails functionality is not working .

can u please solve my problem "Unable to View details, no form exists for table ‘Salutation’."this is the error am facing to move the view details

Thanks in advance



Have you figured this out yet? If so, I’d also like to know how you did it.



Yes OK I got it Justin

You have two options:

  1. Create a display menu item with the same name as the table (and point to the right form).
  2. Set a menu item (with any name) in table’s FormRef property.

Your answer helped, thanks!

If this problem occurs in standard form then you can use below link to resolve the problem.


Nice… Its Working…

Thanks a lot