Editing Invoices and Reports Layout

Hi all, Is there a way to edit the invoices and reports layout? Thank you. Gavriel C

Tools->Object Designer->Reports->“Choose The Report You Want To Modify”->Design->View Sections Is this what you are looking for? Your should read the Application Designers Guide on your product CD for information about reports. If this is your first time modifying a report , I would suggest to either play on a test database or make a copy of the report and playing around with the copy…leaving the orig alone.

Copying the standard report first is always a good idea. That way you can always revert back to the original if you screw things up. The Invoice report is not a good one if you’re not familiar with the report designer by the way. This is one of the most complicated reports.

Remember you need the report designer in your license for this.

Thank you guys for the replies. I have the report designer in my licence. What I need to do is to design the layout of the Invoice Report. i’m having a hard time trying to get a company header or distribute the fields in order to have an invoice-like design. Thanks. gavrielc

This is why we were mentioning “using a copy” or “copy of database”. I believe most people modify the existing Sales Invoice Report instead of creating one from scratch. Everyhting you need is already on the standard report if you want to use it or not. For one we didn’t like the arrangement - So I rearranged the bill to & ship to’s so when folded it easily fits in a window envelope. We also use Description#2, UPC Code, Salespersons name, Payment Terms Description, # of packages so we added that. Also thru a Company LOGO on it. Everybody has there own way I guess.

Thanks H Riuz for your reply. How do you modify the sales invoice? I would like to add the company logo, and some other features, like font colors, etc. Thanks. gavrielc


Tools->Object Designer->Reports->“Choose The Report You Want To Modify”->Design->View Sections
Originally posted by savatage99 - 2005 Dec 12 : 12:23:12

For a logo - search the forum for LOGO - pleanty of posts (PS it’s real easy - click below) Add a pic box - SourceExp = Picture OnPreDataItem() CompanyInfo.Get; CompanyInfo.Calcfields(Picture); for colors - Navision doesn’t print colors. But of each field you can Edit-Properties where you can change the font size, make it bold, make it Italic or change the font altogether