Editing a cell runtime

hi, On the basis of a particular condition i want to make the property of a cell of tabular form as editable false. Is this possible? The whole column gets editable false,if i set form contol property false,but i want from that column…only a particular cell to be false? Thanking you beena

How is the condition defined? Is it an evaluation of values from the same record that dictates whether or not the field should be editable? If so, you should use the OnAfterGetCurrRecord trigger to set the editable property. Although the whole column will become editable/non-editable, the user will never notice it because the property will always be set according to the current record.

I’m normally doing it in the OnFormat Trigger of the control. That one ios getting called more often and can enable/disable controls also on changes of the current record immediately, even if the record does not get modified/re-read.