Edit rdlc layout in NAV 2009 r2


When I try to edit the rdlc layout on a report, I can only see the xml-code for the report (in Visual Web Developer Express edition)- not the actual design (mode). I can’t make adjustments from this


Nav 2009 r2 (Build 33194)

Visual Studio 2008 Express installed (Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition)

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Mads Morre

You need to open the RDLC design layout from Navision Classic client

Open Object Designer → Selecte Reports → Click on Design

Click on View Menu → Layout

It will open the RDLC Layout.

Hej Mads,

Somehow you have opened the report.rldc with the XML Editor instead of the Report Designer.

Right click on the report.rdlc file in your Solution Explorer (upper right corner). Here you should click “Open with” and select Report Designer and “Set as default”.

Hi Erik6114.Error2.PNG

When I try to do this, I can’t choose Report Designer for some reason. What part can I have missed in the install of Visual Studio 2008 Express?

Did you try Amol’s suggestion?

Hi Mads,

Well that’s tricky. Did you try to reinstall Visual Studio?

Also check this link: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/nav-reporting/archive/2009/01/13/what-are-the-visual-studio-options-for-developing-rdlc-reports-for-dynamics-nav-2009.aspx - maybe that can help you.

But I’m very interested in hearing what you find out.

Hi Mohana & Amol

This is excact what I am trying to do, when I see the first screendump. I will try to look further into it and You will have my solution here.

HI Again

Solution found

For some reason I have missed something in the install of Visual Studio 2008 Express edition. The Microsoft Report Viewer Add-on for Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition was not a part of the install allthough I thought I had the hole package…

Install the addon from the link below and the problem is solved. I can now choose to Open In design mode again :slight_smile:



Mads Morre

Hi Mads,

Thank you for writing the solution here! I’m sure other members also will get this problem at some point. So it’s always helpful to post the solution. [:)]