Edit dimensions in posted transactions

Hi. Is it possible to change a dimension on a posted transaction? We are investigating how we might change dimensions to accommodate an organisation change to business units. In the current financial year we could reverse journals and re-post them with the changed dimensions. Given the volume of transactions this would create we are not keen on this approach, and we are currently wondering whether there are any data issues that may arise in AX if these changes were made directly to the relevant posted transaction tables. Cheers.

It is not possible to change the dimension of a posted financial transaction.

And it is not suggested to directly do some changes in the table level - unless you have a fare idea of the table structures.

Mistakes and changes can happen one or two time try to avoid them.

Thanks. However, if this is the case, how do we effect changes to a “business unit” dimension when there is an organisational restructure of business units. Surely there must be a better way than reversing & reposting massive volumes of data. For us, all data analysis by this dimension is based on analysis services cubes whose data derives primarily from the LedgerTrans table. Although I’m new to AX, 1 have spent many years working with a variety of ERP solution and I am having difficulty seeing wherelse within the AX database dimension codes are stored other than the various TRANS tables. I’m not keen to create problems … but I’m very keen on the most efficient methods of achieving a business outcome. Cheers

Contact your partner and discuss this with your full requirements, here the answers will be more black and white due to the level of known detail and requirements, but essentially what Kranthi says is correct - outside of AX I would guess you have other options - writing date based updates to the cubes for example.