Edit Added Vendor Ledger Entry Field


I’ve added a boolean field in the Vender Ledger Entry table.

It let me modify the field but as soon as I leave the line doesn’t get saved. (No error messages).

I would like it to be able to modify it like Due Date without any risks of altering data.

The scope of the boolean field is to filter the “Suggest Vendor Payment” report.

Any idea why it won’t save?

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Hi Thomas,
After tick mark the boolean field…are you closing the page by just pressing the Esc button on keyboard.?
or closing the page by pressing the cross mark button on upper right hand side. If this is case then please press OK button on page.

Hello, this is not the problem.
Steps i do:

  1. Mark the boolean field. (Works)
  2. Click on next row. (The mark dissapears.)

Hello, I have found the solution.
In the on modify trigger of VLE there is a code which leads to a codeunit.

You do know of the “On hold” field, right?

Correct, mods are made via codeunit
Which has assigned permission to modify a Vendor Ledger Entry.

It is done this way for a reason. Please do respect that.

Table 25 do not (as standard) have code in OnModify-trigger.


The OnModify-trigger is not at table level. It’s at page level.
The reason is protect the developer and customer to not mess everything up.

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And also since it’s actually “business processes” then you would never have this kind of code directly on a page.