EDI with Lanham & Associates

We would like to know if anyone has experience using Lanham’s EDI solution. Any feedback on estimating time to do document mapping would be appreciated. Also, quality of the program, ease of use, etc.

we used it at solution one in houston, very poor support

From my experience, if I was going EDI, Lanham is the best solution. As for support, I have found it to be exceptional. Skieres do you mean support from Lanham or support from your NSC?

There is some additional things to consider: - NSC should have some experience, since EDI requires small remappings usually over time, Several of the large companies using EDI is changing formats (i.e. Walmart etc.) these days. - What type of documents is send back and forward - How complex is the EDI organisation trading with, i.e. number of outlets, number of item mappings needed etc. - Is it only simple documents or is there a need to setup ASN’s and integrate it with the shipping workflow Lanham has quick support and know about EDI, we have implemented a Lanham EDI solution, and the Navision part of things seems to work well, with the ability to map inside Navision and the error handling of EDI documents.

We use Lanham’s EDI. We use Sterling Commerce:Gentran Director to send & receive the docs. We import received docs right into navision and it creates a sales order. We can export ASN’s & invoices. It was a bit confusing in the beginning but I can fly thru it now. There is no on-screen help. You can hit F1 all day - not happening. When I contact Lanham about somekind of book to explain what’s what…they quickly send me an “Navision EDI Mapping Guide” (not sure why they didn’t add it the on-screen help). After setting up your trading partners items it pretty much takes care of itself. Our partner needs to know what;s in which box , so we pack line scan and the ASN’s are perfect. Like anything it requires a bit of set up, especially if you have many items, but It works and it works well.

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I am curious as to why you use both Lanham EDI and Gentran. Is there a need to use something besides Lanham to do communications? I am brand new to this whole process and trying to get an idea as to what will be needed. We’re implementing Navision shortly with Lanham EDI/E-Ship and if there are other considerations I’d truly appreciate some insight :slight_smile:

Lanham recommends Lexicom by Cleo Communications to do the EDI communcation. And everything else is done through Navision.

Lanham EDI definately eliminates the need to support multiple softwares such as:
EDI Translator
Barcode printing software
Shipping software

One draw back from Lanham EDI is that it’s resource intensive. We have a client that has 15 EDI partners and there are performance issues when processing the orders.

To answer his question we use Gentran too because we are using Lanhams EDI (Generation 1). Generation 2 appears to not need translating software & everything is working so we didn’t want to mess with it and update to gen2.

Thanks for the info regarding Gentran.

I am a little hesitant to use Cleo software for communications, mostly because of past experiences with it. Our VAR stated that AS2 was supported native, is this true? Or does Lanham EDI require external software to handle the communications? Are there other comm protocols it can support?

Sorry to ask so much, but the info I have been able to get from Lanhan’s site is pretty sketchy.

Navision does not handle AS/2 communication native. You need a communication software in send/receive data using AS/2.

You do not need Cleo software, you just need a communication software that send and receive raw EDI files and is able to communciate using AS/2 and with the VANs.

The Lanham product reads directly from the raw EDI file. Most communication software forces you to purchase a translator software so if you find something better, let us know!

Hi. A client of mine (a distributor) has had success implementing a very straight forward tool called EDI Link by EC Dynamics. It allows them to use the PDFs their customers send them (Sales Orders) and then simply email it to their server and it emails them (the distributor) back a Navision compatible data file. They then just import it… done. Very simple and cost effective. It also works with a few other packages but they use it for Navision.


Hope that helps.