edi processing

Hi Guys,

My company is trying to implement E.D.I. to deal with some of our customers, I am wondering if it is possible to setup this processes in Navision 4.0 ‘out of the box’ or we have to buy additional granules/third party software in order to have it up and running? I read in some of the previous posting in this forum, you can do it with Biz Talk, but it is a very expensive proposition. Needless to say, we are working with limited budget. What would be the better option?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Luis Monroy

The companies I know use: http://www.lanhamassoc.com/edi.htm

as well as us.

Lanham is the best and teh most cost effective EDI solution for NAV on the market right now.

Ok guys but my first question is still pending: Can Navision handle EDI by itself at all?

We are going to work with just ONE trading partner to start.

I just requested info from lanhamassoc.com but won’t hurt to know if it’s possible to do it with the resources I already have.

Thank you


Yes, but not without custom programming.

If you only have 1 trading partner, I would suggest that you outsource the EDI process (i.e. SPS Commerce) and have the user manually type in the orders into NAV.

For 1 trading partner with low volumn, the cost of implementing Lanham solution is not justifiable.

Lanham EDI automates the EDI process and cuts out the middle man to save you costs of doing EDI. However, if you’re only receiving 1-2 orders from 1 trading partner, automation doesn’t make too much business sense in terms of cost.