EAN-13 and SSCC

Dear NAV Experts,

Has anyone of you implemented EAN-13 and EAN-128/SSCC in Navision before? Although there are EAN/GS1 specs out there detailing their formats, how did you actually handle the Serial Reference in an SSCC? What does it consist of? For those who may not be familiar SSCC is used to identify each container for internal tracking, much like a UPS/FedEx/DHL tracking number. In Australia, many major road express couriers will also accept SSCC labels instead of their carrier-specific labels.

Packaging Code (1-digit) + EAN/UCC Company Prefix (7-digit) + Serial Reference (11-digit) + Check Digit (1-digit)

In Australia EAN Company Prefix is 7-digit long.

Thanks for your input.



Whilst not SSCC integration with a variety of levels of Royal Mail and Logistics packages in the UK simply mean the requirement is investigated and a solution is designed to meet it, you will not get it out of the box.