E-Mail logging and MS Echange server 2003

Hello, We have encountered the following problem while using the Outlook-logging for a customer, running Outlook 2003 on Windows XP client with service pack 2 and Navision Attain 3.70. The server is Windows 2003. We have created a new mailbox “Navision” on the Exchange 2003-server. A copy of all mail is automatically placed in this mailbox (an Exchange feature). This mail is placed in the map “Inbox”. A folder “Storage” is also created. Everything worked well, until the customer installed Service Pack 2 for security reasons. Dispatching of e-mail works well, but when we select the e-mail from the Interaction Log Entry, the following message appears: --------------- This message is for C/AL programmers: The call to member DisplayMail failed. NSAppHandler returned the following message: ActiveX component can’t create object. --------------- The idea is that service pack 2 changed an ActiveX-setting, but we are not able to find out which one it is. When we try to change the security settings for the Local Intranet and change it to low, nothing happens, so it might be another setting. Do you recognize this problem? Which ActiveX-component does Navision use?