E-mail interaction log entries

I have set up and tested E-mail logging in Navision 3.70 and it works fine. However, I do not seem to be able to distinguish between incoming and outgoing messages in the Interaction Log Entries. In the Interaction Template Setup there’s only one E-mail template which is used for both, so it makes no sense to either mark it as inbound or outbound. Does anyone faces the same problem? And did you solve it somehow?

The “Interaction Log Entry”.“Information Flow” field should contain the direction no matter how the template is configured. It has been some time since I used it, but accourding to codeunit 5064 it seems to be the intention :slight_smile:

Thanks Peter, I will send a support call to my NSC if I start to use it.

Does this mean that it just takes the “Information Flow” from the template? Edit: Well, yes. Codeunit 5064 does a VALIDATE(“Interaction Template Code”,…) after having set the “Information Flow” field based on direction which overrides the value. Your NSC can quite simple solve the problem by taking a look at the codeunit. They should simply store the “Information Flow” value in a variable and assign it to the Segment Line after having validated the template. I.e. like this: ...REPEAT InfoFlow := TempSegLine."Information Flow"; // << New line TempSegLine.VALIDATE("Interaction Template Code",InteractionTmplSetup."E-Mails"); TempSegLine."Information Flow" := InfoFlow; // << New line TempSegLine.Description := Subject;...(InfoFlow should just be declared as a local integer)

Correct. The field is empty when I do not use a template (direct e-mail through E-mail wizard or incoming e-mail) and if I use a template to create the mail the information flow of that template is used.

Thanks again, Peter!

Finally had my NSC work it out. Works as you described! Why the [}:)] doesn’t MBS patches this kind of errors?