Dynamics Nav Web-Services and ASP.net

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone could give me a quick runthrough of presenting data from a Nav web service.

At the moment, we need a set of web-applications to do the following:

  • List customers
  • List orders
  • List items

Now, I have in the works a web application that allows the user to scroll through a list of users (Filterable and Searchable), click the name, and it brings up a list of orders for said customer, then by clicking the specific order, it will bring up order info. I designed this for our old system (Options Mail Order) which used ODBC ports, but I was hoping to use Web Services to allow this to work with Dynamics Nav.

What I was hoping for, is just to pull the order/customer/item card out of Nav and present it in an browser window. Is this possible, if so, do you have any code-snippets to get me started?

Also, if it is possible, can you list the web-services I would need to create to do this as well as any Gotcha’s I may encounter.


Josh Finch

Hi Josh

Please check this http://codemine.net/post/Dynamic-Webservice-Invoke.aspx .