Dynamics NAV Mobile CAL Question

Ok…so I am fairly new to the NAV world, and I tried searching for this answer, so sorry if it is stupid.

I am helping doing some consulting for a small company, and they are considering buying NAV. I am really helping them on the process flow work, but of course this bleeds into software, and I do know a bit about software.

Anyways, they are a small mfg, so all is good, except they have about 10 “vans” that travel the local area selling direct to various Distribution Centers.

All they want to do is allow the “driver” of the van to complete a sales order, ie. 10 Cases of Muffins, and print and/or e-mail an invoice to the DC from the field. They would have a air card, with a Windows Mobile device, most likely a tablet PC.

So doing some research,it appears that Dynamics Mobile CAL would do the trick…except the company they are buying NAV from says, nope,. sorry that does not work, you need to buy our Proprietary Granule that really makes this work…

This makes no sense…I understand that many folks have developed APPS on top of NAV, no problem, in fact they are buying a few…however why can’t I simply use the Mobile CAL in this case…does is really not work?

Any real world help on it’s functionality and/or use would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

If the NAV partner says this, it is the wrong partner.

The mobile client requires a Windows Mobile device. So a tablet PC will not do. When you are using a tablet pc you would need a different application (maybe running NAV with a terminal server or citrix) but this would require aircard working at all places which I doubt.

Ok…that is sort of what I thought as well.

But back to the functionality…if they used a proper Windows Mobile Device, could I enter a Sales Order “remotely” and it will ultimately feed that back to the core system, without having to re-key data?

For most customers using a laptop connect to HQ by citrix solve all of the problems, since you are using NAV outside. The major drawback is that you must be connected to usage. Dynamics NAV mobile allows you to place orders using disconnected device in a PDA, afterwards you can upload information.


Fantastic…that is what I was looking for, the disconnected piece…only follow up question would be do I have the ability with the Mobile Device to “print” some sort of document I can give to the customer to verify what I did, i.e order acknowedgement, etc.

that is the idea of having a “mobile sales application”, isn’t it?

But to answer your question: It is not necessary to re-key the data. This happens while synchronizing automatically.

This would be possible when synchronizing back to HO.

This could trigger a function which creates a order confirmation and sends to the customer.

thanks everyone…I think I have a better understanding now of what is available!

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