Dynamics NAV lag time using Terminal Services

I have a remote location accessing NAV 5.0 using Terminal Services via RDP.

Yesterday, our remote location missed shipping a Sales Order because they “did not see” the open order at the cut off time but the home office is adamant that they entered the Sales Order form in a timely way. Since we do not have any time stamp or change log, I cannot be certain.

Is there any reason why there would be a lag between the time a form was created locally and it became “visible” over TS?



That is highly unlikely (not possible) RDP may be slow but then they may not see the screen (They will note the slowness).


There used to be a bug like this in Navision but it was fixed in 3.70A so I would say they were just off having coffee and missed it.

Thanks for the input. This is an excellent motivation to finally roll out NAS.