Dynamics NAV: Import/Export storage level to Magento


I want to Import and Export the storage level to my webshop, how to do this?


Hi Göran,

Well it depends on which webshop you are integrating to.


I will use Magento’s community.


In that case the developer of the interface should have provided an export to this, unless it’s directly integrated to your SQL Database.

Hi Göran,

Our company Tinx-IT have a complete integrated solution available on top of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This add-on seamless connects Magento with Dynamics NAV. Also additional e-commerce functions are added in Dynamics NAV (Navision).

We have done 30+ installations over the last year, for various webshop: B2B, B2C and both. We can send more information if you contact us directly: www.tinx-it.com

Kind regards,


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