Dynamics NAV database service froozen after user ejection

Hy Everyone,

I have a problem with my system. My Navision support can’t find the problem long time ago…

Version: Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 (DE 2.60 Incadea 6.00.34591)

The problem is…

When I open the File / Database / Information / Processes / Current processes and “delete” some users who doing nothing long time ago (20 - 50 min), the Dynamics NAV database services shut down sometimes. (Usually out of 25 cases 1)

In te EventViewer: “The Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV MAGISZ_LiveN6NAS service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s).”

After the error I restart the database service and after 8-10 minute is working correctly.

My database test is finished without a bug.

The system is stable except the database froozen when “Kick” the users.

Someone has some idea or experience?


Hi ,

Is this SQL server or NAV DB ?

Sounds like potentially a rollback and you also may have killed the nav app server process…


Hi Gabor,

This is NAV DB.