Dynamics NAV books

I need your help
I want to buy books on Navision 4.0 Resources & Jobs and Navison 4.0 Fixed Assets and I can’t find any.

Where can one buy them?


I’m sorry to say, but there are not many real books available for Navision. You can see some of them at Amazon.com.

But maybe some of our other members know about other books?

Are you current on your enhancement fees?

The training books and manuals are available for free on CustomerSource. There are also training videos on there as well.

CustomerSource? Well that has not been released here in Denmark yet! And I guess the rest of Europe either…

training manuals are available to customers that have maintenance plans thought customersource.

Customersource it’s only available in a few countries.
In other countries customers can buy paper training manuals trough partners.

Hmm… I thought it was released worldwide… The customers in the US are enjoying its full features downloading and viewing the training manuals and videos. Contact your MSFT source to get them to push it to your country faster! [:D]


Does anyone know if an MSDN subscription also gives you PartnerSource access and developer licenses? I know Microsoft is making all Dynamics solutions available to their MSDN subscribers. I was a subscriber few years ago. At that time Microsofft still hadn’t acquired NAV an GP.



MSDN gives you a very limited developer license. It is separate from partnersource though, so you don’t get access to that with MSDN.


CustomerSource is accessible in my country - Latvia, which (as I hope [:D] ) belongs to (Eastern) Europe - for abot a month.

Site, of course, is in English, but training materials for NAV 4 (and some for NAV 5) could be dowloaded - at least were a fortnight ago. Still, my client complained it’s working with interruptions - sometimes OK, sometimes that “no such page” stuff.

There is also my Navision book, but I have not updated it for a while : Dynamics Book

There is a NAV development book in the works, which should be released within a few months.