Dynamics NAV 2013 restore error: The Session Event already exists.

Hello All

I have some problem. when I restore backup into NAV 2013 new database, this error results:

The Session Event already exists. Identification fields and values: User SID…

what should I do?




Yes I know these steps. But I dont know why this error results?

Are you trying to restore into a “new” & “empty” database or do you think you can “overwrite” an existing database using restore?

There is a workaround:

  1. import just the objects from the .fbk (you can import from an .fbk the same as from a .fob file)

  2. import just the companies, without application objects, or data common to all companies

This should work because system tables are not imported in step 1.
The only small snag is if you have a table that has “Data Per Company” set to No - its data won’t be imported in step 2.

Alastair Farrugia

As Alastair say, then this will not restore data common to all companies.

So instead I used a SQL Server backup which restored with no problems.

But I would still love to hear what the "The Session Event already exists. Identification fields and values: User SID…" error actually means and what the “best practice” solution is. I guess it has something to do with the fact that Users are from a different domain. Some of the user names exists in both domains, but with different SID’s.

I am facing same problem. Found no solution at all. Its very critical for me to restore the fbk. And I cant take backups anymore

To solve the Problem, do following:

  • start SQL Server Management Studio
  • Go to the source DB, to table dbo.Session Event and right click “Edit Top 200 Rows”
  • select all entries and delete them
  • create a new FBK from the source DB
  • restore the new FBK in the target DB

This worked for me. Hope it works for you.


Thanks for the solution Daniel, it works, but it doesn’t really make it easy to take and restore a full backup.

If doing this in a live database, what is the consequence of deleting the Session Event table?