Dynamics NAV 2013 permission


I have problem with user permission. I want to create a page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment.

But when i save it it’s write : “You do not have permission to create ‘Page Name’ Page. Contact your system administrator to have your permissions changed.”

But i’m SUPER, i have edited my user (Administrator) and he is SUPER (This role has all permissions.)

If somebody can help me :slight_smile:

PS : I have MSDN Licence maybe this is the problem ?

Thanks in advance !


Welcome to DUG!!!

With the MSDN license, you can create new objects (tables, forms, reports, and so on) in the object range from 123,456,700 through 123,456,799. It is not possible to edit the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects or the objects dedicated to customer solutions.

You need to save your object within this range.

It works ! Thanks for your reply !

But it strange that in MSDN training support they ask us to create Page with ID 90 001

See u later :wink:


I have an other problem :confused: Now i want to run this Page, Dynamics NAV is running and an error message appear : “You do not have the following permissions on Page Custom Page : Execute Page View - Page Name must close”

I was on Dynamics NAV 2009 and i didn’t have this permissions problem …

Thanks in advance

EDIT : I solved problem by uploading my licence and restart server.