Dynamics Nav 2009 upgrade change company problem

The company I work for has finally decided to upgrade our Dynamics Nav, currently we are at 2009R2 runtime with 5.0 (SP1) objects.

We have many custom reports and I would like to know how many are actually used.

I read that you could create a function (OnReportRun ID = 120) in codeunit 1 and this function would be triggeret every time a user runs a report.

In order for this to work I had to upgrade the client runtime from version 6.00.32012 to 6.00.32519, I did that in a test enviroment and everything work’s fine and afterwards you can even open with the old runtime.

Yesterday I let 2 users use the new runtime all day, with no problems and I got the report usage information.

The only problem is when the users change company (we have a lot of companies in our database) they have to press F12 before they can press ENTER to open the same window, within the old version they could just press ENTER .

I tried to download the latest servicepack and the problem is still there.

Is there a solution to this or do we just have to live with it ?

BR Peter

Hi Peter,
Not really sure what you mean. When do they have to press F12?
In the classic version you could just press Ctrl+O, select and enter. Works in 33910 at least.
Only except may be if you are in an open dialog or similar, that has to be closed first.

Hi Erik

Yes I can see I was a bit unclear :slight_smile:

With the old build the user could open a form from the navigation pane for example form 16 Chart of Accounts, if the user then change company with CTRL+O, he just have to press ENTER to open form 16 again in the new company.

With the new build the user has to press F12 and then ENTER to open form 16 in the new company.

I’m aware that this is a minor issue,but knowing our users I know they are going to give me a hard time if I dont have a solution.

BR Peter