Dynamics NAV 2009 - external tool interface

Hi everybody,
I’m developing a VBA tool to automate labels printing.
Is it possibile to interact with Dynamics NAV 2009 without using NAV client ?
For example I need to print a label to be applied on a box; I would create/register a new box no. , in the “Box Header” NAV table, and use the same code on the label without manual user interaction with NAV client.
Is it possibile ?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi all,
could you suggest me another group where I can ask about NAV 2009 ?

I know it’s a legacy software but unfortunately we still use it :frowning:

Thank you again!

NAV 2009 was the first version to support external integration thru Web Services (SOAP). Perhaps that is an option to consider.

Another option is to build a label report in NAV 2009 that outputs a CSV or data file spec to a folder where you can then use a label software such as Bartender to monitor the folder and print labels as the file is dropped.

I’ve gone that direction before when having to print UPC labels out of NAV 2009 and it works pretty well.