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Hi good morning,

this is my 1st post so, hello eveyone.

I need to get a user manual of navision. I know my partnet is supposed to provide me with one, but so far he is not providing me with that info (I have requested it several times). I have a serious problem with my partnet, and although I have contacted a new one, it is going to be difficult to switch.

Can anyone send me a user manual? I´d like to configure the purchases and cartera modules. I know everytime I book an invoice the system should create a Payable Doc, but it doesn´t. The suppliers are already configured and everything is fine but no Payable Doc is created.

It seems there´s an option where you have to tell navision to create them or not, but I don´t know where that option is.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you.

Hi chema and welcome to forum.

As last resort you may contact your local MS office and complain a bit about Partner who doesn’t do his direct job.

Besides, as client you have access to CustomerSource, MS extranet for Dynamics clients - there are tons of docs and courseware - but again your Partner had to tell you about such possibility.

No - as all documentation of this kind has limited availability according to license and Maintenance plan purchased…

Ok, thank you very much, we are about to switch to another partner, hope to be more lucky next time.

Thank you for you help, I didn´t know that.

Concerning my second part of my email, can anyone help me?

Your post contained soooo many questions, so I happened to answer not ALL of them [:)]

Purchase Invoice IS Payable doc…

Then, in Payment Journal there is a special function Suggest Vendor payments with many options as Amt you are willing to pay, summarizing, even Vendor priority - look there, you’ll see, to describe all of them here is practically impossible.

This function then fills Payment Journal for you examine, delete some, if needed and do the payments.

ok, thank you very much. I think I found the problem in Financial Management>Payables>Setup>Payment Methods I didn´t check the option “Create Bill” so no bills where created in Cartera.

Now everytime I book a new invoice I will get a Bill in Cartera (I hope)

btw what is the difference between “Create Bills” and “Invoices to Cartera”?

thank you very much guys!

Oooops - these two are not present in global version.

It means, that these are either Spanish localisation or some AddOn or even some customization specially for you. The latter is less possible, as you complained about your Partner earlier.

ok thank you very much Modris, you´re a great guy!

love this forum!