Dynamics Business Central - License Information is not valid

I’m getting this error every time I’ve imported license to the container running the latest Microsoft/bcsandbox image. I’ve acquired a brand new license with the below configurations. After setting up the container without the license I’m able to log in but once I import the license I can’t get in. I’ve confirmed with another Microsoft MVP that is the license configuration I need to have. This was working for us before the BC Fall release. Does anyone know what else to do?

Template: Business Central SPA Demo/Dev Created By: Terry Kane
Product Line: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on premises Created Date: 11/9/2018
Version: 13 Last Modified By: Terry Kane
Configuration Name: D365 Business Central on premise Last Modified Date: 11/9/2018
Configuration Notes:
ISV insert rights:

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My guess is that you’ve created the container without applying your own license. And then you’ve loaded the license, but you did not restart the NAV server after loading it.

To avoid this, then always load it together with running new-navcontainer with the license file specified.

No. There was a license corruption. Licensing team did get back to me and the issue is resolved now after 5 days of trying everything. Had to get a new license once theygsve the go ahead!