Dynamics AX 4.0 Database Log Setup - Cannot insert new table in Database Log Tab through wizard!!!

I currently have 126 tables listed within the Administration > Setup Database log form.

I have a requirement to add a new record (CustTable 77) so I can monitor changes in relation to inserts and updates for the CustTable.

Unfortunately when running the database log wizard when selecting the new record button within the database log form, the record is not appended to this table after selecting it. I cannot see the CustTable record sitting on the database log form. The Wizard completes with no errors but the new table is not added to the Database log form. I cannot explain why though!

Can you please confirm if anyone has experienced similar problems regarding this issue and what the root cause and solution is.

We have another environment running the same version of AX but allows me to add the more records (tables) to the database log form for monitoring inserts and updates.

Would really appreciate your feedback on this.