Dynamics ax 2012 R3 - A work has been cancelled and it still appears in the Transactions screen - need some help


Our users canceled a work from the ‘Warehouse management/Common/Work/All work’ screen and the entry still appears in the ‘Inventory management/Area page/Enquiries/Transactions/Transactions’ screen. Users say when they cancel a Work it shouldn’t appear in the Transactions screen. The users said they couldn’t reproduce the issue at any other warehouse work items. I am in the process of debugging to cancel an open Work in the All Work screen to see if I can find something. But I just wanted to post the issue here. If anyone of you has come across this issue please shed some light.

Our AX version AX 2012 R3CU12.

Here are a couple of screenshots to show the screen that I am referring to.

Transportation Management/Inquiries/Load planning workbench screen

Inventory management/Transactions

Thank you!