Dynamics AX 2012, payroll Australia


Can you tell me how to calculate payroll and post payroll expense to GL? I cannot find a way to set up payroll and very frustrated.

It depends on what payroll system you are using. we have developed an addon that integrates with a number of payroll systems.

if you are interested to discuss please provide additional information or drop.me a private message.

Hi Munib,

When you said “we have developed an addon”, who is the we? Is it a company other than Microsoft, or Microsoft?

If it is other than Microsoft, can I get the name of your company? If it is Microsoft, can I get the name of addon, please?

Many Thanks

Sorry for the late response. I work for Eclipse.



Renown has an Microsoft Dynamics AX payroll for Australia. You can find more at;


hope that helps


Have a look at Greatpay www.greatpay.com.au Australian Payroll specifically for Dynamics