Dynamics AX 2012 installation

Hi friends,

Can anyone please explain to me how to install AX2012 in personal laptop…


Priya dharshini.


Hi Priya,

Please check prerequisites first follow the Document in below link


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Installation Guide will answer many questions of yours.

If you need some specific advice, please tell us which components your want to install. If you want just a client, it’s easy, but it gets complicated very quickly if you want to install server components such as AX application server (AOS), SQL Server, SharePoint and so on.

Do u mean installing in a personal laptop which is in the domain or not??

If it is in the domain,just read the installation guide will help you but if it is not in the domain,there is extra steps which you will have to perfom.

hi Mukana,

Yes offcourse. I want to install AX2012 which is not in domain.

Can u help me the steps for installation.



Hey priya, Not sure , but this might be of some help :slight_smile: . Do let me know if this works for you :slight_smile:

First, Go to System Properties > Advanced Tab > Environment Variables > System Variables then click New.

Put “UserDnsDomain” on the Variable name. Put any value on the variable value.

run Registry Editor or regedit. go to


put any value on the value data.

Install AX.

Note: After Installing AX, change your ActiveComputerName in the Registry to your default computer name. Use the Computer Name in installing the AOS (computer name before changing the registry.)

then restart.

Hope it helps.

As i understand you want install and use independently on your laptop

follow steps:

1.) Hope you laptop has atleast 8GB ram 4gb will do but bit slow

2.) install Operating system ‘WIndows Server 2012’

3.) create domain how to do it follow below link


4.) now check if domain is created goto->my computer->rt click-> properties-> It will show computer name & domain name also

5.) install SQL 2012

6.) install Visual studio 2010 only if you would wish to deploy reports

7.) Run System Updates very important

8.) now run ax setup “validate requirements”

if all good go ahead or check the error link it might prompt you to download some hot fixes or read error message carefully

search on google

FOr BAsic AX slect checkbox 1.)D/B 2.)AOS 3.)client 4.)debugger 5.)web services 6.) . net business connector

now if you want to deploy reports also then additionally select Business INtelligence components both then visual studio toolsand trace parser