Dynamics AX 2012 Development space for learning

Hi All,

I am a NAV technical consultat currently working on AX project.I want a develpoment space where I can practice AX on y own.As found on google we cannot install AX on laptop.Can some1 plz help me & let me know how do I go about learning AX on my own & also get a development space on rent or something where I can access AX & be more confident in AX.please help

Ask the company you work for on the AX project.

Personally, I have the AX 2012 Demo virtual machine (provided by Microsoft to partners) on my laptop and I also have some environments installed in Windows Azure (AX 2012 R3 environments can be deployed to Azure from LCS in a few clicks).

Hello Martin,

Thanks for the quick reply.I cannot have access from my home to companys server because of security policies.Any other way round

Your argument misses my point. I wasn’t talking about direct access to company servers, but that you might get the license, virtual machines or installation files from the company you work for. These things are not public.

If you don’t get it from your company, your only remaining options are demo AX environments in Azure and installations files obtains through MSDN.