dynamics ax 2009 workflow

Hi All,

currently i’m working on dynamics Ax 2009 workflow, in my task when the user is submitting workflow it goes to his particular approver.

like ’ A ’ submit workflow his approver is X.

for’ B’ approver is ‘y’

for ‘C’ approver is ‘Z’

for this task i’m creating differnt default configuation. while submitting workflow it will differnt default configuratin.

please help me it is a right way or any other way can we do it.

Hi Ramesh.

If I’ve understood correctly, you are creating different workflow configuration, but you can only mark one as the default configuration.

In the form Human Resources / Common Forms / Position Detail, you can identify who is the approver for each user.

In the workflow configuration you can send the approve request to the approver of each user. In the workflow Details tab, go to the step and select the Assignment tab. Select Hierarchy based and create a stop condition where “employee.Line manager level = 1”.

It should work in your case.

Hi gvivancosp ,

I assiged hierarchy based and stop condition is manager level=1.

but Action bar is not coming in approver system.

Were you guys able to find the root of this issue? I am seeing the same thing, trying to install on x64 machine with 2008 components.

Thanks for any help.