Dynamics Ax 2009 SP1 RTM released

MS announced on Nov 7, 2008 release of SP1 (RTM) for Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009. This package contains -

The package contains:
· DynamicsAX2009-KB956568.exe à SP1 RTM self-extracting file
· DynamicsAX2009-KB958251.exe à Update of help files
· What’s New-Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.pdf à Updated What’s New Document
· Microsoft_Dynamics_AX_2009_SP1_Install_Guide à SP1 Install Guide
· Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 Readme.htm à SP1 Known Issues and Hotfix List

Some of the features are -

Electronic signature functionality – No development required!
• Encrypted
• Unique to each employee (requires password each time a signature is used)
o Add signature to all table / fields
o On insert / update / delete
• New functionality is on Tools / Options Screen
• Can be linked to workflow
• Uses Reason Codes
• Signature Review in database logs
• Does not work on Oracle, only SQL

Microsoft Dynamics Administration Console Add-in for Windows Essential Business Server
• Separate download from Partnersourse (after convergence)
• Administer multiple AOS servers from a single admin console
o Batch Job management and monitoring
o AOS instance Monitoring
o connected User sessions administration
o User account management

Other info
• Right to Left date support
• Time Zone patching tool

Hi Harish,

Can you please tell me from where we can download this RTM release ? We are Gold certified partner and need this version to start upgrade for one of our client.

Thanks for your help

Hai harish,

Could u please tell me what is RTM.i heared this term somany times.But i didn’t came to a conclusion.i found in partnersource also.[:|]


RTM is Release to Market Build. You can download from the partnerssource. just give in a search and you will get it.



Hi Naresh,

RTM stands for Release to Manufacturing. Some times referred as ‘Release to Market’ as well.

Usually companies release RTM version first and then release General Availability (GA) first.