Dynamics AX 2009 Payroll - middle east

Hi all,

Microsoft specifically announced tht Dynamics AX 2009 payroll suits US and Canada.

Cant we use this for Middle east (ex: Qatar) as well as there is no tax part applicable here. We can disable taxation part. Are there any implications if we use Dynamics AX 2009 payroll for middle east. Can we use this other than US and Canada nations is my first question?

Please suggest


In License price list, Dynamics Payroll is available only for US. For Qatar its not there.

Can I suggest to purchase US lincense to include Dynamics Payroll and can I enhance that for Qatar Payroll? Will I lose anything for selecting US instead of Qatar in license sheet? Please suggest

i know of a payroll add on developed by one of microsoft partners in KSA if you’re interested.


can you guide me how to setup payroll module in micrsoft dynamics via payroll add on developled by one of microsoft partners in kSA or some other source.


Hi Super,

the add on is essentially a personalized module customized for the payroll requirements of middle east and gulf area.

it comes with a license that must be purchased from the partner company in order for you to install it on your AX server.

if you are interested send me your email and i will send you a detailed description of the add on.