Dynamics AX 2009: Create CUC entry

Hi there,

currently we are implementing in our branch office in Italy AX2009.
When testing a payment journal in the SEPA format, we received a message that we are to the CUC (CUC ‘and’ Specify the CBI Unique Proprietary Code (CUC)) deposited correctly.
But unfortunately, I find this field is not in AX.
Maybe someone of you help me? Our AX partner also could not help us.
In the AOT I have found and have filled the field. And it works too, but I do not want to do this but during the GoLive because I prefer to maintain it at the correct location.
This field is probably in the Company information, but I do not see it.
Maybe someone can help on in this case.

Thanks in advance.

I am not sure why your AX partner cannot help you but there is where you need to go in this pre-live situation, they will know what has been applied, which hotfixes and can debug and investigate on the ground. Get them to help you.