I’ve got a report that shows the customer balance and the credit limit. I’d like to use a shape (oval) and sort of “circle” the balance when it exceeds the customer’s credit limit. In order to do this I’d need to be able to dynamically change the VISIBLE property on the shape. According to the help behind VISIBLE it can be dynamically changed…but how?[:)] Also, I’ve never used a shape before[:I]. How do I name it so I can manipulate it?

See http://www.navision.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=6614

Hello Faithie, Unfortunately this is like colours - They work on forms, but not on reports. [B)] The best work around is to have two report sections, one for ‘normal’ records, and one for the line that exceeds the credit limit. To do this, you will need to put code behind the sections and some sort of code to imcrement the amounts. When the amount is greater than the credit limit, Navision prints the ‘special’ section with your shape on it. Hope this is of help.

Gosh, Navision’s such a tease![:o)] I really thought it would be so simple. Well, thanks guys. At least I do have a work around. I’ll go with the two section approach, and code them as to which shows up. THANKS![8D]

How about using a bitmap in a PictureBox control? Specify a bitmap file (an image of an oval) in the BitmapList property and use the SourceExpr to turn the display of the bitmap on and off.

Cool idea![:p] Where would I get the bitmap? I’m not familiar with using them, but I know Navision has some built in. I haven’t seen an oval though…