Dynamic Mobile for Field Sales

Dear All,

We have to implement Dynamic Mobile for our fields sales, anybody works on Dynamic Mobile ? we need your advise !

Do you mean the third-party software Dynamics Mobile for Dynamics AX, or something else? It would be also wise to mention your version of Dynamics AX.
Also, what kind of question do you have? You asked in the technical forum - does it mean that it’s about things like installation rather than using?

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your replay

Yes it is a Third Party Software, but as per them they are certifed with Microsoft Dynamic AX and it will work without intergration with AX 2012

We need to implement Filed Sales Solution for our company, but we have approch by a Dymanic Mobile
http://www.dynamicsmobile.com for the same but we need to have clear picture on the product that reason i have post in all the related Forums/ fileds so that i can catch any of you as a User, technical or developer

do you have any expericane on this product or anything for Filed Sales Solution ?

I don’t know the third-party system. More importantly, I don’t know your requirements for the software solution, except words “Field Sales”. I can’t recommend anything without having any idea about your needs.

Anyway, the Modern Point Of Sales (Dynamics AX for Retail) may be the closest match offered directly by Microsoft.