"Dynamic" FlowFilter in Cue

Hello everybody,

I have a question regarding a flowfield for a cue.
I would like to show all record from the item table where “Qty. on Sales Order” > “Inventory”.

My problem is, I don’t know how to determine the FlowFilter because the filter would change for every record.

Can anybody give me an helpful hint?

What version are you on?

NAV 2013 R2

As both these fields are FlowFields themselves you will not be able to build a cue fields on them,

I was asking for the version as in NAV 2015 you can now build cue fields that do not have to be FlowFields. it could be any calculated value.

In your case, you can not make use of this, so you would like to work around it. Which doesn’t seem easy/efficient to me.

You will need a Boolean field on the Item table that says TRUE for “Qty. on Sales Order” > Inventory (and FALSE if no). But then this field needs to be updated with any change in the Sales Line and Item Ledger Entry tables.

I had the same idea, so thank you for confirming it.

Your proposition has one drawback: The Item Ledger Entry tables never uses Insert(True) and Validate, so you can never update the values. I decided to use a report for updating the new boolean field and I will evaluate if the performance will be acceptable over time.
An improvement would be to use NAS and update the field every hour (for example), if anyone has the same problems.