Dynamic Column Configuration

Is there anyway to dynamically configure column names on a form, based on what object is calling it? I know that inside the form you can access the column caption properties, but it looks like when you have a form as a global variable in, say a codeunit, the caption properties for the controls are not exposed? Is there a way to pass a variable to a form that the form can react to ? Thanks

Here’s a thought… never tried it, but if you call the form using a function defined in the form object and pass the column names as parameters to the function you may be able to launch the form from it’s own function with those properties set… Good Luck,

Have a look at how dimensions are handled. You do not see Dim1, Dim2 but the actual dimension names. Maybe that can help.

Davin, U can use captionclass property. Regards, Rajesh

You can use CaptionClass… Basically, set the CaptionClass to a Text variable, and set the value in the OnInit or even in a function from your calling form, before you open the form. This will also require a change to C/U 1 to add your Captions, but the code is pretty self explanitory. [B)]

I am not using 3.60 so I do not have caption class available. I also found that even if you pass the column headers, as Mark suggested, the Caption property of the column label is not exposed. We cannot upgrade to 3.60 at this time because our code is heavily modified and it works fine so we do not want to do anything to screw it up. I actually came up with a pretty funky way of creating custom headers, and it works ok. My solution is kind of involved, but I think it is pretty slick. If anyone wants to know what I did let me know and I will post a detailed description

Hi Devin, We are always on the lookoout for “slick” solutions. So please do share … Cristi

I documented my stuff in Word and created a PDF, but the upload image does not work, and I cannot submit a download either. Does anyone know when this will be fixed? Also I went through H*LL figuring out the DTSPackage Object and I wanted to document my findings for other poor souls who might want to do similar work, but I cannot think of an outlet for that if I cannot upload documents.

Hi Devon, in answer to you question of uploading, until it gets fixed here I can put it on my web site with a link here if you like, just email me. As to the upgrade. You can at any time upgrade to the latest Navision version of the executables without changing your code. Basically, 1/ Create a backup, 2/ Install latest server 3/ Install latest client on all machines 4/ restore database. You don’t need to upgrade your objects. It does not take long, and is always worth the effort. PS. You don;t need to resore a databse, you can just reconnect to the existing database, but restoring forces a full database check, so you know that all is good.

The executable we are running is 3.10A, and our method of upgrade was exactly as you described. However, the way I understand it, that causes a mixed-mode. For example in Help…About Navision Attain our version shows “Version US 2.60.F (3.10A)” indicating we are running the 3.10A executables, but our objects are 2.60.F. Therefore, things like Variant datatype, Caption Class, etc are not available to us.

You would need the 3.60 objects (Codeunit 1 for sure) to use Caption Class.

CaptionClass came about with dimensions and so is available in 3.01.